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Cornomics is the official distributor for international giants like Corning Life Sciences. It supplies a comprehensive array of Corning’s life science products, including those from subsidiary brands such as Falcon, Pyrex, Axygen, and Gosselin, as well as Bio-Techne’s family of brands such as Novus, R&D System, and Tocris, ensuring that Turkish scientists have access to the highest quality research materials.


Corning Life Sciences is a prominent division of Corning Incorporated, a company widely recognized for its innovative contributions to material science. This specific branch specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality tools and technologies for the life sciences industry. Their product range includes laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical containers, and a variety of specialty glass and plastic products designed to support scientific research and clinical applications. Corning Life Sciences is particularly known for its advanced glass technologies and cell culture solutions, which play a crucial role in drug development, biotechnology research, and other scientific endeavors aimed at advancing health and medicine globally. Their continuous innovation and commitment to quality make them a key player in the life sciences sector, aiding scientists and researchers in their quest to understand complex biological processes and improve patient outcomes.

Bio-Techne Brands

Bio-Techne is a leading provider in the life sciences and clinical diagnostic markets, known for its wide range of high-quality reagents, instruments, and custom services. Specializing in protein and cell biology, the company supports research and diagnostic activities by offering innovative solutions like cytokines, growth factors, antibodies, and assays. Bio-Techne’s commitment to advancing scientific understanding and its broad product portfolio make it an essential partner for researchers and clinicians aiming to enhance health outcomes and scientific knowledge worldwide.


The company also boasts its exclusive “Cornomics” brand, under which it offers innovative tools designed to enhance research efficiency and accuracy. All standout in this line is the Cornomics branded bench-top types of equipment for molecular biology laboratories, advanced user-friendly devices that set new standards for reliability and cost-effectiveness.